Volunteer Job Descriptions



Helping Hands Mission Camp Volunteer             Job Descriptions

The following are short descriptions for adult volunteer opportunities at Helping Hands Mission Camp. College students are encouraged to join us as leaders – you have great energy and the youth particularly enjoy working with you!

We have a wide variety of characteristics required for volunteers, but the most important is a desire to serve.

Even if you do not think you have a skill, you have life experiences that are valuable. Taking time to work with youth during camp is so important to them and us.

Work site projects have included: handicap ramps, yard cleaning, painting, porch and step replacement, siding, trailer skirting and house cleaning.

Another opportunity to serve is in our kitchen or in our day care. There are a few slots open for adults to work with youth teams cooking meals for the camp and caring for the children of volunteers.

All adult volunteers are welcome to come to any of our night activities. We do not charge a fee for adult volunteers: your meals, t-shirt and activities are free to you.

Our #1 concern is SAFETY.

Our #2 concern is allowing youth to do most of the work.


Adult Volunteer Leader: Site Leader & Site Assistant


Project Leaders are responsible for the project’s completion

Site Assistants work beside the leader helping them complete the job as well as monitoring for safety while tools are being used.

Depending on the project, these positions require someone who has:

  • Ability to visualize and complete a project; then delegate parts of the project to campers
  • General home maintenance skills
  • Woodworking/small construction skills
  • Landscaping skills
  • Skills that include:
    – Power and hand tool use
    – Shovel, rake, clipper use
    – Painting
  • Can demonstrate and teach youth how to use tools for completing projects
  • Ability to teach youth to leave a clean work site behind.

Adult Volunteer Leader: Team Manager

This position requires a person who:

  • Can assist the site leader in keeping the team engaged and motivated to work
  • Can instruct and monitor the team about being responsible with site supplies (ie: not slinging paint, throwing nails, etc.)
  • Can keep the part of the team not working with the project leader busy with other tasks
  • Has the ability to keep team members (aka campers) on the work site and knows where everyone is
  • Can help keep track of tools
  • Can motivate team members to keep the site cleaned up
  • Make sure everyone is drinking enough water and staying cooled down
  • Coordinate with Shower Monitor about showers (if necessary, more about this later)
  • Encourage youth who may be shy or nervous

During lunch devotions, encourage the team members to get involved and lead them.

Adult Mini Mission Assistant

 This position requires 1 or more of the following:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Light baking
  • Story telling & Bible teaching
  • Singing
  • Someone who loves children!

The Mini Mission day  care team will be working on projects in support of the camp and the homeowners that we will be helping.

This week is very similar to traditional Vacation Bible School, with light mission projects for 3rd – 6th graders. See the Children’s’ page for more information.

Adult Dorm Monitor & Shower Monitor

  •  Dorm & Shower Monitors are NOT required to go out to worksites during the day, but you can if you want.
  • If we do not have enough dorm monitors sign up, we may ask other adult leaders to step in to help.
  • Monitors are responsible for quieting their group so everyone can get to sleep.
  • No pranks!!
  • If you see a girl on the boys’ hall or boy on the girls’ hall, please ask them to leave.
  • Cell phones and electronics are prohibited at camp, nobody should have these!
  • Each camper’s location should be known – if one goes to the bathroom during the night, it should be noted that they return in a timely manner to reduce hanging out in the bathroom
  • In the morning each camper needs to be motivated to get ready and get out to breakfast on time
  • Once campers leave for their sites, monitors are free to catch up on sleep or spend the day however they like.
  • SHOWERS: in the afternoon Monitors will supervise at the shower sites providing adult supervision for safety.
  • Make sure the youth clean up after themselves.
  • Coordinate with other drivers for rides back to the church if needed.
  • Make sure everyone makes it back to camp after they shower. 

We need adults to sleep in the hallway for the safety of our youth.

Adult Small Group Leader

Each evening several small groups will meet together and recap their day with each other, recounting moments in their day where they saw Jesus at work – what we call “God moments”.

This position requires a person that can lead discussions and encourage youth to participate – even those who are shy. The ability to keep the discussion moving and on a subject is a valuable skill.

2 adults (1 man, 1 woman) per group

Evening Crew

Our Kitchen and Tool areas are very busy and very important to the smooth operation during camp week.  We have an opportunity for volunteers who work during the day but have time to give in the evening. *** Please note that there will be no childcare available during the evening***

For the Kitchen, we need individuals that help serve dinner at 5:00 pm and help clean up.  The Kitchen also needs help to get night snacks ready (8 pm) and lunches prepared for the next day.  If you have 3o minutes or 3 hours to share, we will gladly accept your help! 

2 to 3 people needed for both busy times: serving dinner and night snack/lunch preparation. Evenings needed: Wednesday, July 12 through Friday, July 14

For the Tool area, we need individuals that can help check tools in as the teams return from their work sites between 3:30 and 5:00 pm.  We also need help organizing the tools for the next day (after dinner time). 

2 to 3 people needed each evening Thursday, July 13 through Friday, July 14.